clojure-authorize by sethtrain

clojure library

Getting dependencies

$ lein deps && lein compile && lein install


Requires a merchant account.
[DEFAULT] Requires an test developer account. Note: some features cannot be tested in "test-mode".


{:reason_text (TESTMODE) This transaction has been approved., :transaction_id 0, :reason_code 1, :code 1}
You can take a look at the documentation for code, reason_code, and reason_text meanings.

Process Payment

(process-payment {:x_login "4y5BfuW7jm" :x_tran_key "4cAmW927n8uLf5J8"
                  :x_first_name "Homer" :x_last_name "Simpson" 
                  :x_address "742 Evergreen Terrace" :x_city "Springfield" 
                  :x_state "TN" :x_zip "37172" :x_country "US" 
                  :x_phone "555-555-5555" :x_card_num "6011000000000012" 
                  :x_exp_date "10/10" :x_card_code "123" :x_amount "12.50"})

Void transaction

(void-transaction {:x_trans_id "123456"
                   :x_login "4y5BfuW7jm" 
                   :x_tran_key "4cAmW927n8uLf5J8"})

(echeck-payment {:x_login "4y5BfuW7jm" 
                 :x_tran_key "4cAmW927n8uLf5J8"
                 :x_amount "12.40"
                 :x_bank_aba_code "064000017"
                 :x_bank_acct_num "0918392029"
                 :x_bank_acct_type "CHECKING"
                 :x_bank_name "Regions Bank"
                 :x_bank_acct_name "Personal"
                 :x_echeck_type "WEB"})

Future Functionality


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